John Baskerville: Innovator…Motivator…

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

My Personal Reflections with John Baskerville.

I was enthralled by Baskerville and his artistic ability. When reading about how he built a fortune for himself not only through bookmaking but through innovative ideas such as frames, boxes, clock cases, etc. with his artwork on them (122). This shows me that I am not limited to one thing that I feel I am good at. Through that one skill, many other facets and ideas will branch off of it, if I let them. Baskerville was an artist, yes, but he also let his imagination run and he ran with it.

This is something I am trying to experience myself. I am good at certain things, but that doesn’t mean that I have to only do those things and limit myself. I want to start my own Church Marketing business. For anyone interested, this is a great book (Church Marketing 101) —>

Although some of my ideas seem ridiculous and like they may never work, I want to continue as Baskerville did, to let my imagination run, and to believe in my goals and dreams. Baskerville eventually became one of the best of his kind, particularly in type design.

Another thing I learned from Baskerville is that sometimes you have to keep trying the same thing and tweak it, before it becomes a masterpiece. He was constantly revising his process, until he achieved that glossy finish on his books which had never been seen before (124). Also, the fact that he was very versatile worked greatly to his advantage. Instead of having someone else do the job for him, he was able to get in there and create things exactly the way he saw it in his head. Having a variety of skill can greatly enhance your results.


It’s amazing to me how many men worked full time jobs printing and creating typography and type designs, because today in America all we see is everything being produced electronically and via the internet. Many of these men wouldn’t have jobs today, or they would have to learn the new technology in order to get a job in the same field. I think about how different it is today from the 1700’s, and how far along we’ve come. Now anyone can create a font, and have it published on websites such as I use this website often when creating new designs and I think it’s really awesome. The internet has definitely given people an outlet to express their creativity for free to millions of people across the globe.

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  1. bleacox says:

    What the book doesn’t mention is that these men usually had wives and servants who took care of all of the domestic needs, freeing them to devote themselves fulltime to their work.

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