Art Nouveau trails into the 21st Century

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m going to be really honest and say that the reading has begun to get a little boring. It’s just the wordage and the way it which it’s written. I find myself having to read paragraphs 2 or 3 times to really grasp it and retain it because it’s just a bunch of information being laid out without much excitement added.

With that being said, I’ll share what DID interest me, and stood out to me this week:

Art Nouveau was a decorative style with a distinguishable plantlike line. The Art Nouveau era is particularly important because it was not just used in one fashion. This style manifested itself into all facets of life post-industrial revolution.

I thought this photograph was beautiful. It’s the use of iron cast with Art Nouveau.


I found this photo (below) interesting because it reminded me of something I would see in Forever 21, an alternative fashion store for shoppers with lower budgets. The first one is art nouveau jewelry and the second one is a modern day type of jewelry you’d find in a local fashion store. They are very similar in style.



I found this interesting because not much has changed, except quality. I feel that many items in the U.S. today are made as replicas of antique and expensive ones. This has become our society. Wearing fake Coach bags and huge cubic zurconia’s on our fingers. People want to appear that they are of a certain status when really they are not. The question is, Is this a positive thing for people or a negative one? Does it even matter or make a difference?

The Jugend movement that also began is interesting. One has to ask and wonder, if this magazine paved the way for the thousands that we see in the market today. It’s twenty-four-point typography set above the featured image on each issue, mimics many of the magazines we see today, such as Fitness, Elle and Glamour. Or, we could say that modern day magazines mimic Jugend?



I found this interesting because not much has changed, except quality.

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