Final Thoughts

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

(Photo of me created by me)

This semester (Fall 2010) at Foothill Community College, I took a course titled History of Graphic Design. The course covered  “the development of visual communication in art, graphic design, illustration and popular culture. Emphasis on the role, impact and interpretation of images, symbols, and typography used in informative and persuasive media” (

Throughout the semester we were required to post weekly journals, explaining and presenting what we had learned that week. My field journals are a direct reflection of what I felt was important, relevant to me, and what I wanted to expand on and learn more about.

This course taught me about the origins of art, from cave carvings to computer generated graphics. Art has come a long way, and has been around since even before language has. Art is universal, like food. It is something to be shared with many people. It was a form of communication as well as tradition for people in the past, and continues today.

Learning about the history of graphic design and it’s origins has been valuable to me in many ways. For one, I would like to pursue Graphic Design as a career so knowing the history behind it holds value. Secondly, learning about artists and the founders of huge movements in art history, can help me in recognizing them as well as simulating them in my career. This portfolio is valuable to me because I now have proof of what I have learned, and a reference I can always look back to.

Happy Holidays.


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