Picasso the Magnificent

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Uncategorized


Cubism art is taking an image or a scene and painting it from many different perspectives. Each cube is a different perspective, thus the name cubism. For instance, one face may appear to have many faces, which is the way it is intended to be. Cubism is purely abstract and not meant to be realistic, but meant to make a point. Cubism challenges pictorial art (248). Artist Pablo Picasso was the main founder of cubism, which is represented in many of his paintings.

Pablo Picasso is probably one of my favorite artists. I participated in a downtown holiday event a few years ago in high school, called Christmas in the Park, where thousands of trees are displayed every year. My senior art class all did famous artists to create huge ornamental replica’s of their work. I did a Pablo Picasso piece similar to the one pictured below..

Here are some of my favorites from Picasso as well….


(Self portrait)

This one looks almost like Pop Art-ish.. it’s brilliant.

I enjoyed reading about and browsing through Pablo Picasso’s artwork. I learned more about him as an artist, and was not aware that he was the founder of Cubism prior to this class.

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